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            “Enchanting Ecuador with Galapagos Islands”

                           scheduled for May 2016.

            “Explorer’s Australia”

                           to be scheduled in 2016.

Upcoming Travel Events 2015-16

    I truly love to create custom designed individual journeys for my private clients (including yoga and NIA instructors). These small group expeditions are an exciting continuation of the unique services offered by Magnificent Journeys.

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Welcome To Magnificent Journeys

     Magnificent Journeys is already working on future departures for 2015/16  to include: “Intriguing Indochina” Nov 7th thru Nov 30th 2015, an expedition to:

  Laos                             Cambodia                       and Vietnam

    Hi all my Yogi friends and world travelers!! It’s hard to believe November is right around the corner and I am preparing for my departure to Southeast Asia. Yes, the “Intriguing Indochina” voyage has actually been two years in the making. It is set to be the ultimate journey for those who want to immerse themselves in the beauty, mystery and magic of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

    I am actually departing a few days early, November 3rd, to make a stopover in the infamous and over-the-top city creation that calls itself Dubai, in the heart of the United Arab Emirates. I am flying Emirates Airline roundtrip to Ho Chi Minh City, and since Emirates connects via Dubai from JFK, it makes for the perfect stopover on the way. ( Have a look at ) I am fortunate to be meeting some colleagues on location at one of my all-time favorite hotel brands, The Shangri-La Dubai. ( You can see their entire collection at ) I am looking forward to being spoiled and pampered in utter luxury while I get out and seek a little adventure in the city and surrounds. I have a 4 wheel drive jeep Desert Safari planned into the Arabian dunes, right outside the city.

    Next I fly on to Ho Chi Minh City where I meet up with my guide from Boundless Journeys ( ) for my 10 day Cultural Explorer Tour of Vietnam. The tour travels north from Saigon via Hue, Hoi An and Ha Long Bay en route to Hanoi. ( For the full itinerary, ( )

    I then depart Hanoi and head on to Laos independently. My Virtuoso colleagues from Trails of Indochina will be waiting for me in Luang Prabang and will assist me privately for a week of adventure in Laos and Cambodia. Highlights include feeding and bathing the elephants at the Elephant Village Reserve in Laos, as well as exploring the wonders of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. For the full itinerary, just click:

( Indochina Itinerary )

    From Siem Reap, Cambodia I board the lovely river AMA Dara ( AMA Waterways ) and embark on the final leg of my southeast Asia sojourn.... a seven night cruise down the Mekong River arriving back where I began in Ho Chi Minh City. A highlight of the cruise is the visit to Phnom Penh...  ( For the full itinerary, just click : )

    After a rest at the Sofitel, I take off on Emirates Airlines, returning to JFK and ultimately home to Charlotte, N.C. on December 2nd.

    We have some truly awesome vacation and travel experiences available and some we haven’t even thought of and/or created yet. Wouldn’t you like to help us put one together for you? Do you have a bucket/wish list of places you would love to visit? Things you want to do? Someplace warm? Perhaps someplace cooler? Looking to be very active? Or maybe more relaxation is to your liking? Do you prefer hiking, horse back riding, surfing, diving or biking? Whatever you want on your unique travel adventure, we will work to put that together for you. We want you to feel the thrill and excitement of your unique vacation, and all of your              
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